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Expansion of CDI to outpatient and physician services: A growing trend

According to a survey released in partnership by ACDIS and 3M Health Information Systems, nearly 90% of respondents indicated that they do not have an existing outpatient and/or physician services CDI program or do not know if they did, and 59% say their top priority is expanding their existing inpatient CDI program in the next 12 months.

How many of our survey respondents are looking to expand their CDI program’s outpatient services?

Find out now by downloading this report at

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Why CMS needs to get the hospital-acquired complication policy right
While considerable progress has been made in recent years to reduce hospital-acquire complications, but 3M's Clinical and Economic Research team, asks "Is the CMS hospital acquired condition reduction program a valid measure of hospital performance?" 3M's Rich Fuller and Norbert Goldfield examine alternatives.

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The Most Powerful Women in Healthcare I.T.
3M Health Information Systems president JaeLynn Williams, has been recognized as one of the most powerful women in healthcare IT by Health Data Management's recent award. Under Williams leadership, 3M HIS has been positioned as a national leader in transitioning the healthcare industry to the new ICD-10 coding standard and directing the creative process for 3M technology that aids physicians in accurately documenting medical records.

Article: Implementing a Site-Neutral Medicare Prospective Payment System
Congress is considering legislation that would move Medicare to a site-neutral prospective payment system in which payment would be the same for inpatient or outpatient services. 3M authors Richard Averill and Richard Fuller discuss the issues and impact of site-neutral payment in this article from Healthcare Financial Management.

Blog: What happens in ICD-10-PCS stays in ICD-10-PCS: Understanding the device value
Confused about the seventh axis of ICD-10-PCS reference table? You aren't alone, and in this three part blog series 3Mer Rhonda Butler has you covered.

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